On September 5, 1939, units of the 10th German Army (1st Armored Division and 4th Armored Division of the 16th Armored Corps), after breaking through the Polish defenses in the Czestochowa area, launched an offensive on Lodz. The Krakow troops continued their offensive on Warsaw. At the same time, they threatened parts of the reserve army of "Prussia" from the west. The commanding General S. Domb-Birnatsky posed an encirclement threat to the "Lodz" army from the south.

The army of "Prussia" was divided into two parts - the northern as part of the 13th, 19th, 29th Infantry Divisions and the Vilnius Cavalry Brigade, and the southern as part of the 12th and 36th Infantry Divisions and parts of the 3rd Infantry Division under the command of General S. Skvarchinsky in the area of Kielce and Konske. To stop the advance of enemy troops from the "Prussian" army, the task force "Drezer" was allocated under the command of Brigadier General A. Rudolf Drezer. It consisted of the 19th Infantry Division and the Vilnius Cavalry Brigade. These units were ordered to move quickly to the Tomaszow-Mazowiecki and Petrkow-Trybunalski areas. The 19th Infantry Division was to take up positions at Piotrków, the 13th Infantry Division was to defend Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and the cavalry and the 2nd Infantry Division (Colonel I. J. Oziewicz) remained on the right bank of the Pilica River, so they did not take a direct part in the defense of the approach to Warsaw.

Defense of Petrkow-Trybunalsky

The 19th Infantry Division and the 86th Regiment were assigned to protect Petrkow-Trybunalsky. The 19th Infantry Division took up positions on the outskirts of Piotrkow, and the 85th Regiment expanded the line of defense to the northeast. The 77th Regiment, reinforced by a battalion of the 86th Regiment, and the Vilnius Cavalry Brigade, which were to counterattack the flanks of the German division, remained in reserve. On September 5, at 10:00, after artillery preparation and bombing, the German 1st Armored Division launched an attack, but without success. The Germans inflicted another heavy artillery and air bombardment and at 14:00 they launched a second attack. The 86th Regiment gradually retreated through the streets of Piotrkow. He waited unsuccessfully for a counterattack by the reserve forces. By evening, he withdrew to the eastern bank of the Pilica River, not far from the Brudzevice forest, suffering heavy losses.

Defense of Tomaszow Mazowiecki

In the battles of the 1st Armored Division over Petrkow-Trybunalsky, the 4th German Tank Division of the 16th Armored Corps interrupted the defense of Poland in the area of Mokra and Borovskaya Mountain. The road to Warsaw for the 16th German Tank Corps was blocked only by the 13th Infantry Division under the command of Colonel V. Kalinski from the operational group of the Northern Reserve Army "Prussia", stationed northeast of Piotrkow, near Tomaszow Mazowiecki. I don’t see any problems with using the sports betting bonus when registering on the site mostbet-az90-com.com after all, almost a month is given for wagering and there is no need to rush - the main thing is to choose more correct predictions and load them into your coupon

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